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Quantum Connections

Fright Futures – Bright Futures

25 May 2019

Jon Rudy


To continue with my series of what it would look like to imagine a bright future (rather than a dystopian one) I offer a story starter called Quantum Connections.  Thinking about how all things are unified at the atomic level, I imagine what it would be like for human consciousness to be fully immersed in knowing that love is the space between the atoms. So, here are the first paragraphs in that story . . .


Quantum Connections

All things are connected. By mid century this truism had worked its way into the psyche of most people on the planet. Something known by every other living thing, the bipeds with supposed higher order thinking had finally come to accept what every other physical manifestation – from the rocks to trees to warm blooded creatures – had known and embodied from the core of their molecular structure . . . everything is one.


As homo sapiens began to re-order their existence (political, social and economic) around the reality that all things are intimately interconnected, happiness began to become a ubiquitous byproduct. The realization that, even at the level of the quark, each thing is intertwined with every other in the universe…as with a spider web in jiggling one thread resonates throughout the whole net . . . brought a sense of responsibility and agency to humanity as never before.


In his lab, Matt a quantum physicist, accepted this reality as he pondered the next iteration of interconnection. He had recently discovered that it was possible to impress a field of gratitude upon a crystalline structure and have that temper every digital bit that passed through the clock circuit of microprocessors. The result?  Artificial Intelligence (AI) with timing from these care modulated networks now embodied a level of compassion that insured their decisions were based on the greatest golden path for the highest common good. Matt begin to dream about how compassionate AI might be possible to heal the planet from the excesses of industrialization and domination systems of the past centuries . . .




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